NZICA calls on employers to tackle the gender pay gap

Female accountants are paid less than men according to an annual survey of members of the New Zealand Institute of Chartered Accountants (NZICA).

“The gender pay gap needs to be tackled by all New Zealand employers, including accountancy firms. The face of our profession is changing and pay and conditions need to change as well if we are to attract and retain staff,” says Jeana Abbott, NZICA Director - Marketing and Human Resources.

“The number of women in the profession grew by 3% over the last year. Women now make up 42% of our members, broadly in line with the wider workforce, but on average they’re paid 26% less.

“Our figures show that women are still paid less even when experience is taken into account. In fact, the pay gap is wider for those with more experience than for those with less. Women with less than five years’ experience are paid on average 9% less but those with over 21 years’ experience are paid 23% less on average.”

“We are publishing the results to raise awareness of the gender pay gap. NZICA will be working with its members to look at ways to tackle the gap.

“We recognise that pay gaps are often unintentional and can take time to reduce. We also acknowledge that all workplaces are different and each must find solutions that fit their own individual circumstances.

“We encourage all employers to look at their own workforce composition and to look at what they can do to address any pay gaps in their workforce.”

Details of the survey findings are included below.


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Logan Mudge
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Notes to reporter:

NZICA is the membership body of choice for over 33,000 accounting and business professionals, working around New Zealand and across the globe. We act in the members’ and public interest through regulating the profession, developing financial reporting standards and promoting quality, integrity and expertise. Our members hold one of three prestigious professional accountancy designations: Chartered Accountant (CA), Associate Chartered Accountant (ACA) or Accounting Technician (AT).

About NZICA’s remuneration and employment survey
NZICA’s annual remuneration and employment is an invaluable guide and authoritative source of information on remuneration and employment in New Zealand’s accounting industry.

The 2012 survey was conducted independently by Colmar Brunton in June and July and received over 8,800 responses from NZICA members. The results have a maximum margin of error of ±1% at the 95% confidence interval. 

Source data: Average remuneration of Chartered Accountants by gender by experience

Experience  Men   Women 

 Pay gap

 <5 years          $86,869       $79,205       9%
 5-10 years  $124,653  $106,497  15%
 11-15 years  $159,916  $133,368  17%
 16-20 years  $190,711  $142,688  25%
 >21 years  $185,232  $141,785  23%
 Overall  $153,658  $114,401  26%

Note: Based on New Zealand based Chartered Accountants in full time roles: men n=3,466, women n=2,686.

Source: NZICA Remuneration and Employment Survey 2012.


21 August 2012