Distinction for SmartMove founder
The New Zealand Institute of Chartered Accountants (NZICA) congratulates SmartMove Recruitment Manager Marie August, who has won the Human Resources Institute of New Zealand HR Specialist Distinction award for the central region.
09 November 2012
Board update: Case for trans-Tasman Institute compelling
Following much work and deliberation the Boards of the New Zealand (NZICA) and Australian (ICAA) Institutes of Chartered Accountants believe there is a strong case for creating a new, single trans-Tasman Institute and have unanimously agreed to move to the next stage of the process being full consultation with our elected members.
05 November 2012
How do we see ourselves and how do others see us?
Social psychologists suggest stereotype targets may themselves be responsible for the formation of stereotypes, so are we contributing to the stereotypes people have about accountants?
01 November 2012
Getting it right
How do you ensure you are complying with relevant financial reporting requirements?
01 November 2012
US investment patterns changing with times
Investment patterns in the US are rapidly changing in this elongated recession.
01 November 2012
The first man on the moon
There can be a vast gap between dreams and reality.
01 November 2012
London calling
Women, audit and party conversation in the UK.
01 November 2012
Hard Labour
Labour’s upcoming reshuffle may be the last throw of the dice.
01 November 2012
Opportunity Scots
Political changes in Scotland could present banking opportunities to a local player.
01 November 2012
A vine career
Nadine Cross CA has worked in exotic locations around the world as a winemaker, but is now back working for her very first boss, though they’ve both changed industries.
01 November 2012

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