Responsibility for the direction of NZICA's affairs is vested in the Council under the NZICA Act. Council's role is threefold:

  • represent members' interests 
  • set the long-term strategic direction for NZICA, with the Board 
  • develop and maintain a clear set of governance principles that will guide the Board and management in the development and implementation of strategy

Within this role, Council:

(a) Develops and approves NZICA’s long-term strategic intent and governance principles;
(b)  Develops and approves, with the Board, NZICA’s five to ten year strategic plan;
(c)  Provides input to the Board on key policy issues that will significantly impact members;
(d)  Appoints and evaluates the Board and approves remuneration levels for Board members;
(e)  Appoints and evaluates the Nominations and Governance Committee;
(f)  Elects the President and Vice-President;
(g)  Confers life memberships and fellowships;
(h)  Represents interests of the membership as a whole

Council comprises up to 25 members, a combination of geographically elected (19) and appointed (up to 6) members to balance region, sector, demographic and skills representation.

Elected Councillors are elected by members annually and approved at the AGM. Appointed Councillors are appointed by Council on advice from the Nominations and Governance Committee.

The term of Councillors is generally for three years. Council generally meets three times annually.

Our current council members are:

Fred Hutchings FCA, President (Ex-Officio), Tauranga
Kevin Murphy FCA, Vice President (Ex-Officio), New Plymouth

Auckland Region

Andrew Dick FCA, Auckland
Bernard Mazur CA, Auckland
Grant Ellis FCA, Auckland
Michael Stowers CA, Auckland
Mike Atkinson CA, Auckland
Murray Taylor FACA, Auckland
Rob McDonald FCA, Auckland
Susan Tremlett FCA, Auckland

Wellington Region

Baubre Murray FCA, Wellington
Cassandra Crowley CA, Wellington
Dr Brian McCulloch FCA, Wellington
Stephen Walker FCA, Wellington

Rest of North Island Region

Aaron Snodgrass CA, Gisborne
Chris Pool CA, Northland
Kevin Murphy FCA, Taranaki
Leanne Milligan FCA, Waikato
Richard Dey FCA, Coastal Bay of Plenty
Shelly Mitchell-Jenkins FCA, Manawatu

Southern Region

Don MacKenzie CA, Canterbury
Grant Wilson CA, Nelson
Sharon Cooke FCA, Canterbury
Tim Loan FCA, Southland

Australia Region

Peter Hanson FCA, Sydney 

UK/Europe Region

Andrew Robinson FCA, UK (Alternate UK Councillor)
Ian Leggett FCA, UK

Asia/Americas/Other Region

Dione Schick CA, Singapore